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Wherein the big bad bitch is broken

Yay for Truth or dare in the _basement

* GameServ spins the bottle for Palmer and it lands on...
[GameServ] Scarlet!
[Scarlet] Spin again, tubby. I'm not accepting anything from you
[Palmer] Nice try. Pick, Scarlet
* Scarlet grumbles and hisses
[Scarlet] truth
[Palmer] You bounce around from partner to partner, but you never stick with them. It seems obvious to me that you're looking for something, and none of them so far have what you want.
[Palmer] Just what is it you're looking for that has you looking everywhere so desperately?
* Lilibet grins and looks at Scarlet. Likes this question, files it away for later use.
* Scarlet goes pale as a ghost
* Lord_Zhilbar looks intent. Very curious, as well.
[Scarlet] ...
* Scarlet has developed a pronounced nervous tic in her left eye
* Some looks concerned.
* Laleiora watches Scarlet carefully.
* Scarlet is oblivious to the small tear tracing a line down her right cheek as she begins to stammer out a response
* Lilibet suddenly frowns. "Does she have to answer this?"
[Scarlet] I... I... I'm e-empty inside... there's just this, hole. It's so big, and black, and cold...
[Scarlet] And empty. It's like... like... I'm nothing inside
[Lilibet] *glares at Palmer and gets up, goes over to Scarlet and hugs her* Big Jerk.
* Laleiora also goes over and offers Scarlet hugs and comforting presence.
* Lord_Zhilbar , not caring how it seems, curls up around her and holds her close*
* Some nods, otherwise frozen.
[Scarlet] And, I... I just want something to fill it up... someone... you know?
[Scarlet] Obviously I'm empty, so it must be someone else who can fill that hole... maybe... I hope?
* Palmer is just dead silent
* Scarlet collapses in tears
* Palmer was not expecting this
* Laleiora strokes Scarlet's hair and murmurs soothingly.
* Some curls up in hs chair again.
* Palmer looks decidedly uncomfortable
* Lilibet cuddles with Scarlet.
[Palmer] I think... maybe I should... yeah...
[Palmer] Going now. Yeah.
* Palmer scoots over to the stairs and then bolts
[Some] You don't have to....
*** Signoff: Palmer (Exit: )
* Alpha_Aspect is half-expecting her to bust out into laughter. Is still apparently napping.
* Lilibet pets her hair. "Scarlet, you okay?"
* Scarlet is a curled up emotional mess, and is cubically radiating waves of emo-emotions. Angst, emptiness, worthlessness, existentialism, hopelessness... overall she's feeling quite broken, and anyone nearby is going to be feeling at least part of that
* Alpha_Aspect sits up and goes over to hug her.
[thewolfJason] ...and our angst quota for the night is filled.
[Laleiora] There's a quota?
[Some] Filled? Oh, I think not.
*** Scarlet is now known as BrokenScarlet
* Lord_Zhilbar feels her pain, and as all those negative emotions rush out, He links her with the caring, support, and tenderness of all cuddled up with her in a big love-pile.
Tags: angst, background, broken, sex
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