Scarlet, Shinra Weapons Development (scarlet_wpn_dev) wrote,
Scarlet, Shinra Weapons Development

OOC Crawl scheduling

Alrighty... this is for confirming times for resuming the crawl.

I'm currently free for wednesday night.

Post your availiable times here for weednesday and I'll go over them all tomorrow night and reply as appropriate. If in doubt, pop into #sagescatacombs and look at the TOPIC.
I'll put the time there when I come up with it.


Other people who are not players in this game.

I do intend to run more crawls in the future, likely ones that aren't as long or involved as this one.

They will normally be on friday or saturday, and will be "pick up" games... that is, whoever's present and wants to play will be in, rather than things being scheduled.

I'll post here again when I have more information on that.
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